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    Your SWS is designed to failsave in the event of a failure to update the firmware correctly. Whilst this is a very rare occurrence, it is designed to do this so the device can be easily recovered. 


    If your device is in bootload mode then the lights will be flashing in this sequence:

    To recover your device from this state, please follow the instructions below:



    Remove the seneye device from your SWS

    Format a USB memory stick (ideally 8GB or smaller) to "FAT32"

    If you are using a MAC click here for instructions

    Download the SWS firmware from here

    Copy the firmware onto the memory stick

    Please note you do not need to open the firmware file. Only copy and past this or drag it across to the USB drive.


    The file on the USB stick needs to be called "firmware.sws" (if windows hide the file extension only "firmware")

    ex. firmware (1).sws or firmware (1) will not work


    Insert the stick into the USB socket on the SWS

    The light sequence will then change whilst the firmware is loading


    When the firmware is loaded the power light will remain on constantly

    Reconnect any cables that you have disconnected