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    When your seneye is live on the seneye cloud (via a SWS)we can see it and talk with it. If something goes wrong we will not know why but we will know your device has disconnected, much like if you are on the phone to a friend and the line goes dead. 

    If your seneye device has not sent a message to our cloud servers for long enough to make us think there is a problem we will send you an email to alert you. This could take a few minutes or maybe an hour depending on how your connection is configured. 

    We will automatically attempt to remotely contact your seneye and reboot it, but if contact could not be made it is likely to be one or more of the following scenarios:


    1. You have a power cut or your seneye has become disconnected.

    2. Your data connection from the seneye to the cloud is down.

    3. Your seneye has stopped responding. It's unlikely as the seneye will always try and recover itself.


    It is most likely to be easy to fix and if you can get someone to check we would advise it. 

    If you have persistent issues it's worth talking with your ISP or utility company. 

    A battery backup on your device can help but remember that you need to also battery back up the router. 


    If you have high-value stock it may be worth asking about our commercial products that are designed to live through power and data cuts.