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    The following page details some of the potential problems you may encounter whilst setting up your SWS

    SWS will not connect to the LAN (network light off)

    Please try rebooting your router.

    Try a different Ethernet cable.

    Ensure that your SWS is powered and shows the power light.

    Using extension cables incorrectly

    connecting up your SWS and extending your SWS.PNG

    SWS will not connect to the seneye servers (connection to the seneye server light off)

    Ensure that your router has an internet connection.

    Try removing any firewalls between the SWS and the router.


    SWS will not stay connected to the seneye servers (connection to the seneye server light flashing)

    If the light is flashing then there is a connection to the servers so you can continue with the setup. The flashing light will indicate a lack of UPNP connection on your router. Please ensure that this is on, on your router. The system will still work without UPNP but with the following limitation:

    Without UPNP, changes that are made on the dashboard (such as an alert level changing) will not be downloaded instantly to the SWS. This means that a warning light on your seneye USB device may remain on for a period of time after the change. The update will be downloaded with the next communication cycle with the servers.