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    Your SWS communicates to the seneye servers by something that is called a Local area network or LAN.

    The LAN refers to the network that is created by your router. Every device that is connected to the router will be on your LAN, this includes smartphones (connected by WiFi), printers, tablets and computers. Your router will assign what is known as an IP address to each device that is on the network. This is all done automatically by the router unless you have altered the standard configuration.

    When your SWS is connected to the LAN by either an ethernet cable or Wifi it will connect to the router, and it will also be assigned an IP address. Confirmation of this is when the network light is fully illuminated on the front of the SWS.

    Please note, you can only view the SWS GUI using a PC, phone or tablet that is on the LAN. If they are connected by 3G or on another network they will not connect to the GUI.

    You may have issues finding the GUI if you are connecting the SWS to your router in a complex way. This can include using subnetworks, Airports, multiple routers, and other network Infrastructure. This may result in the SWS uploading data, however the GUI will not be available as the SWS is on a different subnetwork.

    If you have a custom or advanced network setup you may need to check your setup will allow seneye to work. This link offers some advice on what settings need to be.