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    How to upload offline readings 


    If you don't wish to have a PC next to your aquarium or pond and are not fussed about live readings you can always use the device in its offline mode. If the device is powered (5V at 500mA) it will take a reading every hour and store them in the device until it is reconnected to our servers. In order to reconnect the device to our servers, you will need to reconnect it to the Seneye connect application. 


    Once connected you should receive a message that says 'Offline Readings to upload'. Click on this and then your dashboard should plot the offline readings within half an hour. 


    Please note in order to activate a new slide you will need to connect your device to the Seneye connect application so the device can pull down the slide code from our servers. 


    If are having issues with offline readings please contact us at [email protected]