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    Once readings are sent to us from your seneye we process them and, if needed, we create alerts.

    This is why there is a slight delay between us receiving records and plotting them on

    The email address alerts and warnings are sent to the address you used to register on

    If you don't receive email messages, check your junk/spam filters to make sure is not blocked.

    The email address on an account can be changed but please contact us to do so.


    For SMS (short message service) text messages you will find a box on your settings page under profile.

    You will need to put your country code in front of the mobile number you supply.

    An example UK mobile number is 07837 XXX555 

    The country code for the UK would be +44, so we enter 00447837XXX555

    If you are not sure what your country code number is click here.

    Any issues or if you wish to stop SMS alerts, please contact us for help.

    Please note: You will only receive text alerts for the slide parameters (pH & NH3)


    To change the alert and warning levels for a parameter, please edit the relevant parameter widget on


    A few notes on SMS / Email alerts and warnings.

    Seneye does not send alerts on each parameter more than once every 24 hours. We call this a blackout period and use it to prevent spamming of users inboxes. If you wish to reset the blackout period for a parameter alerts so fresh alerts can be sent then please follow these steps.   


    1. Open the seneye event manager. 

    2. Find the specific alert you wish to reset the blackout for.

    3. Open that alert event.

    4. Type a response and select a status on that specific alert. 

    5. This will cancel the blackout period.


    To find out how to use the event manager please click here.


    Also please note we only send out an alert on changes that are statistically reasonable. For example, if your tank has always read between 22C and 26C and you decide to plunge the device into ice cold water as a test an alert will not be instantly sent as we take a few more reading just to make sure. This because our system has learned that an extreme change like this is not normal for your system and probably not possible in an aquarium. An alert will be sent once the device has double checked.