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    The seneye device uses an optical system on the back of the device to establish if the device is in or out of water. The red light on the back of the device flashes when an in/out of water reading is being taken. If the device is seen as "out of water" then the four lights on the front of the device will flash and the SCA will show the following tiles.

    seneye SCA out of water.png

    Readings that are "out of water" will not graph on


    Whilst the in/out of water test is usually very reliable, there are certain circumstances where a false positive can occur, these are listed below:


    • An air bubble on the light window; this is quite common in ponds using the float close to a filter outlet or a source of aeration.
    • The black back of the seneye device is positioned against a surface that will reflect light back into the device



    If you are getting false positives then please try to change the position of your seneye device.

    If this does not clear the issue please do get in contact with us.