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    If you are using your seneye device connected to a PC in a marine aquarium then you will need to check that the system is set to use the correct mathematics for the pH calculation. If this is not set then the pH output will be high by a few points. To check this please follow the instructions below.

    If you are using a SWS then Trim and the Marine Tick box are accessed by the GUI and not the seneye connect.


    1. Open the SCA and click on the "settings" tile

    SCA SUD settings tile.png

    If you cannot see the SCA, it may be in the system tray on your PC. Click here to find out how to check.


    2.Tick the box below to confirm you are using the device in a marine aquarium

    seneye SCA marine tick box.png

    3. Click the "Ok" button at the bottom to save the settings


    You can still use trim on pH and other parameters after checking the marine box.

    All future readings posted on will be using the marine trim.