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    seneye connect application instructions

    If you ghave not yet created an account on please do this first.

    If you have a seneye web server (sws) then please click here, as you are currently in the wrong place.

    Disconnect your seneye device (SUD) from the computer before completing ANY of the instructions below!

    For Video Instructions Click here


    1. If you have not done so, please download the installer from the link below.




    2. Run the seneye connect installer


    You may be asked several questions throughout the installation process. Please click 'Yes', 'Repair', 'Agree' or 'Install' to proceed with the installation (a couple of examples of what you may see are shown below).





    Your seneye connect software will automatically launch when the installation is complete.


    If you are unable to install the seneye connect application, please follow the link below for further instructions:


    3. Log into the seneye connect software


    You will be prompted to log into your account when the software runs. This is the same E-mail address and password that you used when you first registered with If you do not know your password please E-mail [email protected] and we will reset it for you.




    Once logged in you will see the welcome screen as shown below: Please Do Not do anything without reading the instructions that follow.




    4. Update the firmware on your seneye device

    If your device needs updating the SCA will update the firmware.

    It is a VERY important stage of the process and can damage your seneye device beyond repair if not done correctly. 


    Please connect your seneye device directly into one of the USB ports on the computer


    The seneye connect will talk you through each stage of updating your device on screen. The seneye device requires disconnecting and re-connecting from your computer to update the firmware. At each stage you will be prompted to do so by the seneye connect. 


    DO NOT disconnect or re-connect the device if you are not prompted to do so.




    When the firmware is updated, all four lights on the seneye connect will start to flash. Your firmware update is then complete.

    If you see the message "This SUD is not working as expected" please do not panic. This is usually caused by one of the following:

    • The internal calibration settings in the device syncing with the servers
    • Your account settings and alert lines syncing with the device
    • The time being set correctly inside the device

    If this does not clear after half an hour please contact [email protected].

    5. Activating Marine Tick

    If you are using your sensor in saltwater you will need to activate your device's Marine Tick so that it can correctly calculate values for pH. Instructions for activating the Marine Tick with the Seneye Connect Application can be found by clicking here.

    Next steps:

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