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    The seneye slide 

    The seneye slide is for your NH3 and pH readings; without a valid slide fitted you will not receive SMS alerts.

    You will need to soak your slide in the water it will monitor before fitting it so that it stabilizes: 24 hours before for freshwater and 48 hours before for salt water. 

    You can soak your slides in a container of the system water. To ensure that it soaks correctly, the white back of the sensor should be facing upwards.

     Please do not wet your slide in Tap or RO water. 


    Step 1. How to fit your seneye slide 

    • Remove the slide from its packet, DO NOT throw the packet away because you will need the activation code.

    • Pick up the slide by the sides, grease from your fingers could damage the slide.

    • Open the back of the device and place the slide inside.


    Step 2. Activating your slide.

    On the slide packet, your slide will have a unique code, the slide you fitted will not function until it is activated with this code. There are two ways you can enter the slide code, one is on and one is on the Seneye V2 mobile app.

    If you have multiple seneye on the same account be careful to choose the correct device to activate the slide to. 

    seneye+ slide showing serial number.png

    Activate your seneye slide using the Seneye V2 mobile app 

    Don't have our mobile app yet? You can download it for free: Mobile App

    Once you have the Seneye V2 mobile app simply select the device you wish to register a slide to, and from the sidebar select "Activate Slide".

    On Android and Windows 10 select this from the drop down menu.

     activating a seneye slide on the V2 seneye android app.PNG

    On iOS click the slide icon at the top right.

    activating a seneye slide on the V2 seneye iphone app.PNG


    Simply place your slide packet in front of your phone camera and it will scan the QR code and activate the slide.

    scanning a seneye slide to register on the V2 seneye app.PNG


    If the slide is not recognised by your phone please try the following: 

    - Check you have allowed the app permission to access your camera 

    - Unistall and reinstall the app

    - Contact support at [email protected]

    Activate your seneye slide on

    Head to your dashboard then click on your device tab 


    Enter Code in the widget 'Replace Slide'

    Click here for a video demonstration 


    If you cannot find the slide activation widget or the slide code is not recognized?

    Please E-mail [email protected]

    If you require new slides please click here.