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    The seneye+ slide needs to be handled and fitted correctly to the seneye device to avoid damage or false readings.

    Each slide has two sensors. The sensor with the white coating is pH, and the uncoated one is NH3.

    Touching the NH3 pad will cause it to pick up grease from your fingers and can damage the slide. therefore, care should be taken when the slide is being fitted. You can visually examine your slide to see if it is damaged. Always pick up the slide by the sides.

    Do not soak your slide in tap water. The chlorine and Chloramine in the tap water will destroy the chemistry in the slide and this will result in inaccurate readings.

    Do not soak your slide in RO water. The RO water can strip the chemistry from your slide and render it useless.


    slide small.png

    Your seneye+ slide pack will come in a cardboard slip with 3 separately packaged slides inside. They are in a moisture-proof plastic container, sealed with a plastic label. Please store your slide pack away from light, heat and moisture, or the slide may become compromised.


    new slide blister pack small.png
    new slide blister pack small open.png


    TIP: to avoid problems ensure the slide is fully fitted in a way that ensures air is not trapped between the slide and the reader, ideally under water.