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    If you have purchased a seneye device second-hand from a previous user then we will need to reassign it to your new user account on Before we do this we check with the previous owner to ensure that they have actually sold the device, this simple check avoids malicious behavior.

    To do this we email them on the registered email account they have set up on If you know the previous owner then please kindly ask them to contact us by e-mail to confirm that the device has been sold as this will speed up the process for you. If not, we contact them directly.

    As soon as we receive written confirmation (in email form) from the previous owner we will be able to pair your device to your account.

    If we do not hear from the previous owner, or they are not able to confirm the sale, we will not be able to pair the device to your account.

    Please contact us at [email protected] using your registered email account and include the serial number for the seneye device. 

    The Serial Number is shown in the QR code on the device wire and can be scanned by most mobile phones. 

    For security reasons: