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    seneye recomned the following two modules for use with the seneye web server in order to connect to your router if it is too far away to connect directly.

    If you have a pond or aquarium a long way from your router, but on the same power circuit, an ethernet over power adaptor may be better than wifi.


    Recommended product:

    Edimax N300 Universal Wi-Fi Extender 

    L.E.D. light modes

    edimax wifi plug.PNG

    edimax wifi led table 1.PNG

    edimax wifi led table 2.PNG


    This set of instructions below is our version to get you up and running as fast as possible.

    You do not need the CD to get the edimax running and set up.

    Do not connect anything to the edimax ethernet port during setup it will prevent the final step of set up.

    The easiest way is to plug the edimax in to a power socket with nothing attached to its Ethernet port.

    If you have tried to set anything up I would recommend resetting the edimax to factory setup.

    To reset the edimax press the WPS and hold it for over 15 seconds until all the lights have changed.

    When the lights change you should then see a new wireless network called edimax from your phone or PC under wifi connections (if not ‘scan’ for available wifi networks) . If you don’t see the connection straight away leave it a few minutes to fully boot. If after 5 minutes or longer you don’t see it and it has its power lights on try a reset as described above.

    Attach to the Edimax wifi connection to your phone or PC by selecting the “EdimaxEXT.Setup XX”

    When you have selected the edimax connection it shoudl show up as connected on your phone.

    Launch your web browser and type "edimaxext.setup/" into the address bar (not search bar).

    Then press the get started button shown in blue.

    edimax setup page get started seneye.png


    Next select the mode of set up we recommend the middle one (bridge).

    edimax n300 setup choices seneye.png


    Next select the wifi router you want to connect to.You can also see signal strength on the router you are connecting to.

    edimax n300 setup choose wifi network setup.png


    The next step is to enter the password for your wifi network. Remember the password will be case sensitive.

    Then click next.

    edimax enter wifi password seneye.png

    A connection test in now performed.

    edimax setup connection text seneye.png

    If you get the password wrong you will get this screen - DO NOT APPLY IT - go back and enter the password again.

    edimax N300 fail test as password wrong seneye.png

    If teh set up is successful it will look like below and have a green tick. You can then press apply.

    edimax wifi connection test okay seneye.png

    If you see the screen below you have set up your edimax router. The edimax wifi will now disapear off your devices wifi list.

    Connect back to your normal wifi network.


    edimax setup completed seneye.png


    The full user manual for the Edimax EW-7438RPn V2 is available here.


    Ethernet Over Power (E.O.P.)

    Recommended product (click to buy UK plug out):

    Edimax - Ethernet Over Power Pro kit

    Edimax - Ethernet Over Power Starter Kit


    Edimax HP-5102ACK

    L.E.D. light modes


    edimax eop plug.PNG

    edimax eop led table 1.PNG



    The full user manual for the Edimax HP-5102ACK is available here.