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    How to set up the Ethernet Over Power Modules

    Ethernet Over Power (E.O.P.)

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    Edimax HP-5102ACK

    L.E.D. light modes


    edimax eop plug.PNG

    edimax eop led table 1.PNG

    1. Connect a powerline adapter to your router via Ethernet cable, and then plug it into a power socket.

    2. Connect another powerline adapter to your computer, and then plug it into a power socket. Note: You can also connect the adapter to a printer, set top box, gaming console, TV or another device with a network port, to add the device to the powerline network.

    3. Make sure that the PLC and LAN LEDs light up on both PLC adapters.

    4. The computer and the router will be connected to the powerline network automatically

    (instructions taken from Edimax website)

    The full user manual for the Edimax HP-5102ACK is available here: