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    Your seneye device is designed to be simple to use while being strong and reliable.

    usb seneye device reef home pond.pngIt comes in three versions and you can learn more about them on the following links; seneye home, pond and reef.

    You can compare the different features on this link and even see what the different dashboards look like on the demo pages.

    The seneye unit is designed to be submersed in the aquarium, ponds, filter or sump you wish to monitor.

    All seneye monitor pH, temperature, NH3, light and water line (level).

    We look at every reading we receive from your device and if there is a problem we will be sure to let you know via SMS and email.

    seneye USB aquarium, temp, ammonia and pH monitor.png


    It has four basic parts -  the main sensor body, the back, the seneye+ slide and the suction cup. The back, suction cup and slide can all be replaced if needed and are available from our store should you need new ones.

    When taking light readings, the device should be moved around the aquarium to show differences in light levels; the reef version adds extra light readings.