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    Often people say the temperature is wrong on aquarium thermometers and temperature probes when comparing them. Most thermometers, even clinical, have a tolerance of up to +/- 1 degree C so this is often where the confusion arises.


    Additionally, positioning in the aquarium can influence temperature, and so can positioning near a strong light source such as metal halide where an object may heat up even under water.


    If you wish to make the seneye match any other thermometers you can do this by adjusting trim.


    If you are using the seneye device connected to a PC then please click here for instructions

    If you are using the seneye device connected to a SWS then please click here for instructions


    Very inaccurate temperature readings can also be a symptom of a seneye device not receiving a sufficient, consistent power supply. This could be caused by the use of extension cables to connect a seneye sensor to a computer or Seneye Web Server, or damage or corrosion sustained by USB cables. If you think your device might not be receiving sufficient power, we would recommend checking the metal connector at the end of your seneye device's USB cable to make sure it has not been damaged, and then try connecting your device to a different USB port or a different computer if possible. If your device is connected to a Seneye Web Server, please try connecting your device directly to a computer to check if the power supply is causing problems.