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    Sometimes people don't want online alerts all the time and are happy to have the seneye device producing local alerts by flashing the red parameter warning lights if something goes wrong. We call this running in 'offline mode' and all data is stored in the seneye device during this time.

    Any stored data is then uploaded to so all data is preserved, however, there can be a delay in displaying data if lots of data points are uploaded.

    To make sure that the parameters and time are set correctly a new seneye device will have to be set up for a few hours on a PC running the seneye connect software. This will prevent bad dates and false warnings.

    The seneye device is a standard USB powered device so it needs a power supply of 5v at a minimum 500mA (milli amps).

    Using a low quality or underpowered plug top transformer will cause issues with readings. 

    Good quality power supplies are available from seneye retailers or the seneye store.