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    1. 1. GUI Light meter readings

    GUI Light meter readings

    The seneye light meter is located in the round window on the back of the seneye device. The light levels will change depending on the position of the sensor relative to the light source.
    You can get a more in-depth view of the output from the light meter on the SWS GUI by clicking and holding the 'save light' tile. This opens the page as shown below.



    The graph on the left gives you an indication of the spectral output from your lighting.

    The graph on the right shows the Kelvin output of the lighting. A Kelvin is any point on the black line. If the colour is not a Kelvin, then the point is not shown.

    If you click on the 'Top', 'Middle', 'Bottom' or 'Free' button then the device will count down from 5 and then take a reading. 


    It will say 'Done' once it has taken the reading:



    These are then visible on your dashboard. If you have selected 'Top', 'Middle' or 'Bottom' these will appear under 'PAR individual readings', like below:



    If you have selected 'Free' you would have been prompted to name the readind and it will appear under 'PAR custom Readings' like below: 



    Need more info about what the right PAR should be? Follow the links below:

    fresh water plant PAR levels

    marine coral reef PAR levels


    If you are having trouble with viewing your light readigns on your GUI/dashboard please try emptying your cache, clearing your history or using a different browser. 

    OR you can always talk to our support team via email [email protected].