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    In most aquarium lighting systems, different colour and wavelengths of light are often mixed. This can often produce strange results on the seneye kelvin meter.

    Don’t forget, each LED is really a ‘colour’ on a modern light emitting diode aquarium lamp. They are often separated by distance and with different beam angles.

    Even though it may not be clear to you, this method does not give perfect photon (colour) mixing and pools of coloured light are created. As you move away from the light sources, we would expect this to be less pronounced.

    On some lamps, you can edit the settings, like K. When you edit the settings, you should expect the K to be lower when more red is added or the K to be higher when more blue is added.


    led kelvin.JPG

    Sometimes the seneye reef device will get so much of one coloured light it will report that there is not a kelvin.


    We do have some info on the main website that is worth a quick read and can be reached with the links below:
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