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    The Seneye Leak Detector is designed to connect to a Seneye Web Server and send an alert whenever moisture falls on the detection combs. The best place to put your Leak Detector is outside of your tank in the area that is the most likely place for water to gather in the event of a leak. This area might be underneath your tank within a gap in the cabinet, close to your sump, or by the pipes that connect your sump and your tank.

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    Up to two Leak Detectors can be connected to any Seneye Web Server, and you will then receive an alert whenever either one detects a leak. However, your Seneye Web Server will not be able to tell you which Leak Detector sent the alert.

    We recommend that if your tank does have a leak, after it has been resolved you should wipe any residual moisture off of your Leak Detector to preserve its sensitivity.