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    Use the Seneye Web Server (SWS) to make any seneye device work more efficiently and effectively. It allows people without a PC to use a seneye and output the results direct to their phone, tablet, or computer. It works with all HTML5 enabled web devices.

    seneye data sws and pc uploads.JPG

    There are two SWS versions. Both have an Ethernet port and one also has a Wi-Fi module.

    When connected to your wireless internet router you will get instant monitoring, not just across your home, but also the world, via the seneye cloud.

    To use the SWS outdoors, a seneye Dri box is the simplest way to connect up everything next to the pond.


    sws overview.JPG

    Package includes:

    • seneye web server (SWS)
    • power supply
    • power cable 1 meter
    • ethernet cable 1 meter
    • Wi-Fi module (on Wi-Fi model)


    • Reliable connection to the seneye cloud
    • Computerless operation
    • Plug and play
    • 4 x expansion ports
    • Ethernet and Wi-Fi models


    • Less downtime and faster reactions
    • Low power consumption
    • Simple set up
    • Ready for future add-ons
    • Wi-Fi modules has 100m range