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    You can use multiple seneyes devices on the same PC. Once the SCA is installed, a new device can be added by simply plugging in to a spare USB port on the PC. You will be asked to name each new seneye monitoring device added; we suggest you give it a logical name for the pond or aquarium you are monitoring.

    The SCA image below has two devices directly attached to it as their names are in green. The results shown are for the device shown in bold green. You can click on another named device to view its details and results if the device is connected locally and shown in green.

    SCA with 2 devices attached.png

    If a device is registered to that account but not directly attached it will be shown as grey, like below, and no results will be shown. If your device is directly connected to the PC but not showing in green, or not being asked to be named, please click here.

    SCA with 2 devices attached and 1 grey.png


    Each device added will also create a new tab on your personal dashboard. Any issues, please contact us.

    Use the same registered email address in an SCA program on any PC anywhere in the world and it will link  that seneye device to your account and dashboard in the seneye cloud.

    This means all your monitoring and control for email and sms alerts can be set in one place.