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    Ammonia toxicity changes for different organisms, but one thing is constant and that is that the desired level is as close to zero as is possible. Marine organisms and fish tend to be more sensitive, whereas fish that have evolved to live in ponds or puddles such as carp or paradise fish tend to be less so.


    As a rule of thumb and if measured directly we use the following chart:

    NH3 level 







    safe 0.001 0.020
    alert 0.020 0.050
    alarm 0.050 0.200
    toxic 0.200 0.500
    deadly 0.500+  

    NH3 is reported in the unit of ppm but this is interchangeable with mg/L as it is a gas dissolved in water.


    Want to reduce your ammonia because you have a high level or problem? If so then please click here.


    The seneye device and seneye connect application allows you to look at free ammonia between 0.001ppm and 0.500ppm. The seneye.me website stores all the ammonia history from your device.