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    If you think that you may need to adjust the pH of the water in your tank or pond, acidic and alkaline buffers, like these from Fritz, are available to help you make these adjustments.

    If you would like to adjust the pH gradually, or if the water to be adjusted is soft or not well buffered, it is important to use an Acidic and an Alkaline buffer together to increase the water's KH and prevent dramatic pH swings in the future.

    For instance, Seachem recommend the ratios in the table below between their Acidic Buffer and Alkaline Buffer when targeting a specific pH:

    Acidic Buffer   Alkaline Buffer pH
    1 : 1 6
    1 : 1.3 6.5
    1 : 2 7
    1 : 2.5 7.5
    1 : 4 8
    This chart is based on use in RO or RO/DI water.