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    Don't have our mobile app yet? You can download it for free: Mobile App

    As well as viewing your readings via your dashbaord you can also download our mobile app for a simpler way of keeping an eye on your fish. 

    Below is a list of all the mobile features available at your fingertips: 

    Activate your seneye slide 

    You can now activate your slide via your phone and avoid having to type in the slide code by scanning it instead!

    On Android and Windows 10 you need to go to the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner of the app. 

     activating a seneye slide on the V2 seneye android app.PNG

    On iOS click the slide icon at the top right.

    activating a seneye slide on the V2 seneye iphone app.PNG

    Simply place your slide packet in front of your phone camera and it will scan the QR code and activate the slide. 

    scanning a seneye slide to register on the V2 seneye app.PNG


    Enable the maintenance feature

    The Maintenance feature has now been added to the Seneye V2 mobile app and functions the same as on your dashboard. So enabling Maintenance for a device will prevent all email and SMS alerts, such as out-of-water alerts and high/low parameter alerts, for 3 hours or until you turn Maintenance off.

    This feature is ideal for water changes, changing slides, and general aquarium maintenance.

    Simply go to your app, click on the bell image for iOS users and for Android and Windows 10 users tap the 3 little dots in the top right corner of the app and select 'Enable Maintenance'.



    Visit your dashboard 

    There is a direct link from your app to your dashboard. Your app gives you the lowdown on what's going on live in your tank/pond but if you want to analyse the data collected by your seneye your dashboard is where all this data is stored and plotted onto graphs. For IOS you need to click on the dashboard icon at the bottom of the app page and for android those three little dots in the top right-hand corner of your app will provide you with a drop-down menu.