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    If you are having trouble connecting your seneye device to your pc, please try the following troubleshooting steps;

    When you connect the device to a USB port on your pc the lights should ripple for a couple of seconds (if this doesn’t happen please try different USB ports on your pc or on another pc)

    Is the device showing up in your devices and printers list, see here for help how to do this.  If the device is not showing in the list please try on a different pc if you have access to one.

    Please download and install the latest version of SCA, for help on this please follow the steps here.

    If you have any anti-virus or anti malware programmes running please make sure that you add the SCA to the safe/allowed list, otherwise you may not be able to upload any readings from your device to the seneye servers.  You may need to do the same if you have windows firewall switched on, click here for help on how to do this.

    Once you have the device fully connected please follow the steps here.

    If you are still having issues after trying these steps please contact us.