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    What is seneye FLORA?

    In aquariums where customers were using plant fertilisers, Seneye monitoring devices were giving strange results. We decided to look into the cause of this and found that the readings were effected by the unnecessary fillers in one part fertilisers. We also discovered that a number of the elements in good fertilisers are better retained and added to the aquarium separately. In light of this we decided to work with an international team to develop our own fertiliser that is completely compatible with the seneye device and results in superb aquarium plant growth. The result is a two part fertiliser called seneye FLORA.



    Photo of an aquascaped aquarium using seneye FLORA - image courtesy of George Farmer


    Seneye Flora Instructions:                                                        

    There are two individual pump dispenser bottles in the pack - Seneye FLORA Mix & Seneye FLORA Plus. Between them, they provide all the micro and macro nutrients your aquarium plants need to thrive. 


    Normal use in a heavily planted, healthy tank:

    The dosage for optimum results in a heavily planted aquarium is 5ml of each product (5 pumps of each bottle) per 100ltrs of water. The dosage of each bottle should be administered on alternate days as this helps to encourage the growth of plants as opposed to algae.


    First use of FLORA:

    If your aquarium is not heavily planted or you have small algae issues we recommend a soft start period of 6 – 12 weeks to allow the plants to recover, adjust and start growing again.

    For this period spread your normal weekly dose over alternative days. The example below starts from a Monday:

    Mix      Monday, 1/3rd calculated weekly dose.

    Plus    Tuesday, 1/3rd calculated weekly dose.

    Mix      Wednesday, 1/3rd calculated weekly dose.

    Plus    Thursday, 1/3rd calculated weekly dose.

    Mix      Friday, 1/3rd calculated weekly dose.

    Plus    Saturday or Sunday 1/3rd dose with a water change in your aquarium.



    Algae Problems – Algae problems in your aquarium usually occur when plants are weak and are not using the nutrients up with growth. Always ensure that you buy healthy plants and make sure that CO2 / light levels are correct.

    We suggest that you log details of water parameters at the beginning of use, along with regular pictures of the aquarium. Then if you have an issue we can advise.


    seneye FLORA Mix and Plus User information:

    The fertilizer mix quantity in the Seneye Flora products contains a very low fertiliser concentration and as such does not fall under any law or law-giving.

    The fertiliser is not dangerous

    Due to the very low concentration there is no MSDS obligation

    General handling advice and use:


    Do not drink

    Clean up spills immediately to avoid staining

    Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash off immediately on contact