Aquarium help > New tank syndrome & NH3 > why does NH3 go up when I do water changes?
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    Free ammonia NH3 can go up when you do water changes if the new water has has a higher pH.
    NH3 and NH4 always form equilibrium with pH and temperature. When you do a water change the new water will often be harder and have a higher pH than the water you are removing. This is because organic acids from fish / plant waste and other biological activity will remove the waters hardness and lower the pH. On changing water a move to a higher pH will unlock NH4 into NH3 and the transition can happen in fractions of a second.
    If this is the case for you then keep repeating 20% water changes and eventually the NH3 / NH4 will start to reduce through dilution.
    A seneye device will report this change in pH, temperature and free ammonia.

    TIP: You can use your seneye to check the water you are using for a water change. It will allow you understand how much pH difference there is between the water you are about to add and the tank water. 


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