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    BT smart setup

    If you have a BT Home Hub please follow the steps below before connecting your SWS to your Home Network. 


    If you do not do this then your home hub will block communication from the SWS by default.


    1. Go to to open the home hub interface.
    2. You will need the administrator password here from the back of the Home Hub
    3. Click on "Home Network"
    4. Click on "Smart Setup"
    5. Under "Enable Smart Setup" click "No"
    6. Click Apply
    7. Restart the BT Home Hub


    BT Parental controlls

    If your parental controls on your online BT account can also block the transmission of data from the SWS to the servers. You will need turn the settings to OFF to allow the SWS to communicate. The link below gives details as to how to do this.

    If you require these to be left ON, then please contact us for assistance with allowing the required seneye websites.

    BT NetProtect

    Some customers have reported issues with connection when using BT NetProtect. The set-up for this is done online through your BT account

    If this does not work, please contact us on [email protected] and we can provide instructions as to how to try a beta version of the firmware for compatiblity.