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    Once your SWS has been connected to your Local Area Network it will then try to make contact with the seneye servers. 

    You can tell when a connection to the servers has been made when the Cloud light is either flashing or remaining constant on the front of the SWS.

    Flashing light = Part connection,

    Communication to the servers has been made but it is limited. In this state, you should still get uploads.

    Constant light = Full connection

    Your SWS has complete connection to the seneye servers

    No light  = No connection

    If the cloud light is off completely then there is no internet access at the SWS. If this is the case then please check your network settings are not blocking the SWS from communicating. Please also try rebooting your router.

    Please note, your SWS being granted an IP address on your LAN does not guarantee that it will connect to the servers. Certain firewalls and other 'non-home' networking equipment can interfere with the connection. In normal home environments, this should not be the case.