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    2. Connecting your Leak Detector

    After you have confirmed that your SWS's firmware has been upgraded, it's time to connect your Leak Detector. Disconnect all power, Ethernet and seneye sensor cables from your SWS and remove the back by pressing in the clips on either side:

    unrendered taking back off SWS with arrows.png

    Unscrew the cable clamp to keep the Leak Detector securely conencted to your SWS:

    unrendered unscrewing cable tidy.png

    connect your Leak Detector's cable to either the port marked 'C' or marked 'D', these are the only ports with which the Leak Detector will work:

    unrendered usable ports.png

    Refit the cable clamp and the back of your SWS. The Leak Detector cable should be securely held inside the SWS, without the cable stretching.

    unrendered hero shot.png