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    To use the seneye lighty meter you must first understand the light levels will change depending on the position of the sensor relative to the light source. For example if left in the top corner the light readings will be very low and not representive of the light recieved by corals and plants in different areas.


    using a seneye reef for light readings in the aquarium.JPG

    The light sensor is located on the back of the seneye device as a round clear window. It is essential that this is kept clean so readings are accurate. To ensure the device is clean always rub it with your finger tip and rinse off, then examine it. Always face this window at the light source you wish to measure at a na appropriate position.

    Now you can start saving readings and in the next passage we explain what the features of the seneye connect application SCA do.  Below is the light tab that should be present on your seneye reef. (other models can be upgraded at the seneye store). PAR, LUX and Kelvin are output as values in the boxes on the right. These will change as you move the device up and down and side to side in the aquarium. This is important to understand as different plants and coral have different requirements, you will be amazed how much light will change. We recommend you move the seneye device around slowly so the values have plenty of time to react and update.  The graph which changes is three point based on Red Green And Blue. It performs like a very simple spectra graph and is extremly useful when there is no kelvin from the light to indicate wavelength bias and quality for purpose. 

    SCA reef light meter.png

    SCA reef light meter turn on human eye.pngSCA reef light meter showing human eye line.png

    SCA reef light meter turn on PAR.pngSCA reef light meter showing par line.png

    SCA reef light meter showing par and lux line.png

    SCA reef light meter ready to save.png


    SCA reef light meter ready to save countdown.png

    SCA pop up for free recordings.png


    SCA reef light meter top measurement.png

    SCA reef light meter middle measurement.png

    SCA reef light meter bottom measurement.png