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    Seneye is a USB product that is designed to work with  your PC. 

    You can connect the SUD (Seneye USB Device) directly to your PC using the seneye connect application (SCA).

    Or via a SWS, the seneye web server (SWS) allows you to make any seneye device work more efficiently and effectively. It allows you to use a seneye without a PC and view the results direct from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. 

    There are two versions available, the non WiFi version which can be used with an ethernet cable connected to your internet router, or the WiFi version which comes with a WiFi adaptor allowing you to connect to your wireless network.

    To use the SWS outdoors, a seneye Dri box is the simplest way to connect up everything next to the pond.

    SWS overview