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    Some people just don't like LED lights flashing in the aquarium so we have a feature that allows you turn them off.

    If you are running the Seneye Connect Application SCA, you can simply click on the padlock symbol. 

    This is shown below:

    SCA open padlock.png

    Once clicked the padlock symbol will show open not locked and a set of features will appear below each parameter.

    SCA padlock open light bulb on.pngTo turn off the warning light simply click the light bulb for that parameter.

    TIP: If you are using the seneye for commercial use such as remote monitoring in an office aquarium you may wish to prevent customers from seeing local alerts. If this is teh case check all the bulbs symbols to grey.


    Once you have completed the task and changed the led warning settings remember to relock the padlock and save the changes you have made.


    Turning off an local LED alert will not affect warning boxes on the SCA, email alerts or SMS.