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    The seneye device uses a very clever optical system to know if it is in or out of water.

    It does this with the red LED that flashes through the window on the back of the device. This method of testing allows the system to only take a measurement of temperature, pH and NH3 when it is actually in your aquarium or pond. 

    If you are using the seneye device with the version 2 SCA and V2 firmware then your device will alert you to it being out of water by E-mail and SMS *. You can then position your seneye device where you would like an alert if the water level drops below. This could indicate that the tank is leaking, or evaporation has reduced the water level.

    Mounting the seneye device with the back facing into your aquarium will generally give the best results.


    *provided that your mobile number is registered and you have a valid slide