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    The seneye device will periodically test if it is under water. The seneye device does this with the red LED that flashes on the back of the device. This optical method of testing allows the system to only take a measurement of temperature, pH and NH3 when it is actually in your aquarium or pond. This allows the system to validate the reading as correct.

    • Firstly check that the red light in the clear window flashes periodically.

     If it does, then the in water test can occasionally get confused and this is usually confused by the following:

    • Air trapped on the clear window on the back of the device, this is quite common in ponds using the float close to a filter outlet or a source of aeration.
    • Algae growing on the clear window on the back of the device (this can be cleaned with cotton wool)
    • The seneye device being mounted directly to the back of the aquarium - in some circumstances the device can get confused by the lighting in you aquarium, the colour of you tank background and ambient light.
    • The black back of the seneye device is positioned against a surface that will reflect light back into the device fooling it into thinking it’s out of water.
    • Algae or bacteria have covered the seneye light lenses and it needs cleaning.

    Mounting the seneye device with the back facing into your aquarium will generally give the best results.