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    If you have a seneye product you think is not working correctly for whatever reason, please contact our super seneye support team. 

    In the unlikely event the system is faulty as a company we stick to the three golden Rs, Return, Repair, Refund.


    Device Warranty

    Each device has a years warranty on it therefore, if the device is diagnosed by our support team as faulty we will either repair or replace it.

    The seneye system is unique in that we can do diagnostics remotely a product so please keep your seneye device connected to the seneye cloud where possible. 

    We will then be able to offer further assistance in diagnosing the potential issue and offer further advice about what the next step is. This could be a remote software patch, or depending on the scenario we might need to get the device back to us, directly from the customer or via the store the system was purchased from. A new device will not be sent out whilst the team is diagnosing the issue. If the team establish the system is faulty we will repair it. If irrepairable and in warranty we will replace it.

    For more information on our support process please follow the link below: 

    Seneye Support Team 


    Second Hand Product Warranty

    If you have purchased a second hand seneye product, it is no longer under warranty. Therefore, if it is faulty we normally do not offer a free replacement, repair or a refund. We would advise you to contact the seller if they are at fault.


    Returning Product 

    If you have bought directly from us then please read our answers page: Seneye Support Team 

    If you have purchased them elsewhere such as store or online you will need to contact the store you purchased them from directly. It is at the stores discretion if they wil issue you a refund. However, we strongly recommend that you take the time to go through the issue with the support team first as many stores will ask us for a return authorisation before accepting product back.