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    When you first open your dashboard you will be greeted with your Overview page.

    By default this page will show you just the most important reading parameters from your first seneye USB device.

    To view the rest of your reading parameters, such as NH4, and PAR for a seneye Reef, just click on your device name at the top of the dashboard. This will take you to that device's dedicated page.


    Your dashboard displays information in the form of customisable widgets.


    Overview page widgets

    Your Overview page is designed to help you get a quick snapshot of all your device environments.

    On it there is an Overview widget that displays the overall health of your device's environment, and a Last Readings widget giving you the latest snapshot of you important parameters.



    Your Overview page can be modified to include additional parameter widgets from any of your seneye USB devices.

    Please contact us if you would like to modify your Overview page.


    Device page widgets

    To view all of the reading parameters for a single device, click on the device name at the top of the page. This page displays additional widgets for the rest of your reading parameters.