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    On a seneye you can adjust each parameters value if needed. Unlike most tests equipement the seneye device does not require calibration as it uses a replacement sensor chip the seneye+ slide.  We also recommend that the seneye device is kept clean as this will influence the reading qualities.


    Adjusting parameter values is done on the seneye connect application. All parameters are adjusted in the same way so the following example for PH will also work for NH3 and temprature. If you have just changed your slide we would advise that you allow the slide time to become stable before making changes. Any trim will be zerod when a new seneye slide is fitted.

    1. Click the padlock symbol on your seneye connect. This will open a set of advanced features.

    SCA open padlock.png

    Once open use the '+' or '-' buttons till you achieve the desired level.

    In this case we are going to click the '+' button twice to add +0.2 trim to PH.

    SCA padlock open trim parameter pH.png

    SCA padlock open relock.png

    The additional value will appear in the box after a few seconds. Once you are happy press the padlock symbol to save the changes.  The next readings you sent to will carry this extra trim and it will be shown on the graph. It will also work for your alerts.

    SCA with pH trim closed.png

    To adjust NH3 use the '+' or '-' buttons as you did with PH till you achieve the desired level. Then save as above.SCA padlock open trim parameter.png


    Adjusting Temperature

    You can adjust temprature as above, unlike with PH and NH3 any adjustment will not zero when you activate a new slide and it will stay until you next adjust it.