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    The seneye connect application SCA, is free software created by seneye to allow data from your seneye device to be sent up to your personal web site. Using the combination of your home PC and a seneye USB device offer an innovative low cost way to connect your aquarium to the internet.

    Before downloading and installing the SCA software you will need to register an account on Remember to keep your account logon details written down in a safe place. If you need help installing the SCA follow the steps on this link.

    Once installed the seneye connect will appear similar to below. There is often a small amount of time when you intailly lauch that you will see egg timers these will clear once the seneye device sends a reading to the software. The SCA will then display the values for the water in the boxes as seen below.

    SCA .png

    Once you have installed the SCA software you were asked to name the seneye device; you will also be asked to name the device if you plug another seneye device in.

    This computer has two seneye devices attached to it and another on the same account but not connected to the same computer.




    SCA parameters warning colours.png