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    These instructions provide step by step advice for activating your seneye home, pond or reef device.

    Whats included with your seneye device

    seneye+ slide  ph and NH3 (1 month)
    suction cup
    float (seneye Pond only)
    seneye connect application (SCA)  on free download online dashboard mobile website
    free seneye apps for Windows, Android and iPhone  
    alerts via email
    alerts via SMS with an active seneye slide

    seneye USB aquarium, temp, ammonia and pH monitor.png

    The seneye device can be used in the following ways. Online will give you constant uploads to with alerts. Offline will allow the device to work as a data logger and upload readings when the device is next connected to a PC using SCA.

    PC online

    Connect your seneye directly to the PC. If your computer or laptop isn’t close enough you can extend the cable length by 2.5m using the seneye USB extension. For those who require even more range, the seneye active USB extension cable allows the cable length of the seneye device to be increased by an additional 15m. The seneye device can also be connected to a wireless USB bridge giving increased flexibility over Wi-Fi. You will however still need a PC running the SCA.

    Your PC you will need the following spec:
    PC with a wired or wireless network and TCP/IP protocol,
    Windows XP, Vista 32-/64-bit, Windows 7 32-/64bit, & Windows 8 32-/64bit.
    Full speed USB 1.0 port or higher
    Minimum 1Ghz processor and 128mb RAM
    HTML web browser: Internet Explorer 8.0+, Firefox 4.0+, Safari 4.0+ & Chrome.
    Internet connection (for setup and online use)

    Seneye Web Server (SWS) online

    The SWS removes the need for any PC in the house and will connect your seneye to your internet router. It will then send results directly to the seneye cloud website. Visit for more information. With the SWS you can use a seneye device and an apple computer.

    If you are using your seneye with a Seneye Web Server please follow these instructions.

    Power Adaptor offline

    After initial set up, your seneye can be connected to a seneye USB power adapter. This option is great if you don’t wish to have your seneye device constantly connected to a PC. When powered by the USB Power Adaptor, readings are stored on the internal memory ever hour. Warning lights are displayed on the on the seneye device if the water parameters are bad. You will not receive alerts via SMS or Email.

    1. Quick start guide
    2. Soaking your seneye slide
    3. Registering online and using the seneye connect application  
    4. Syncing your seneye device
    5. Registering your seneye slide
    6. Installing your seneye slide
    7. Placing your seneye device
    8. Aquarium use
    9. Pond use
    10. Seneye Connect Application SCA
    11. Viewing your current readings
    12. Replace Slide
    13. Salt water use
    14. Seneye reef light meter
    15. Server connection
    16. Settings
    18. Help and seneye answers
    19. Accessoires
    20. Environmental and Saftey
    1. Quick start up steps

    The following instructions are for the seneye home, pond and reef.
    Step 1.  Soak your seneye+ ph & NH3 slide
    Step 2. Register an account -
    Step 3. Download the seneye connect application -
    Step 4. Plug your seneye device into a USB port and name the seneye
    Step 5. Enter your seneye+ slide number on the software
    Step 6. Install the slide
    Step 7. Placing your seneye device in the aquarium

    2. Soaking your seneye slide

    Your slide is delivered dry. Soak in your aquarium/pond for a minimum of 24 hours (48 hours for marine) before use.

    If you do not soak your slide the pH will read low as the chemistry will be dry.

    If you do not have a slide soaker they are available from the seneye store. Alternatively the slide can be soaked in a cup of aquarium water.

    soak your seneye slide and activate the code.PNG