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    The Belkin homebase allows For the connection of the seneye device to your computer, over your wireless network. The following page gives and overview of the setup but the product does come will full instructions.

    The Belkin comes with the following contents in the box:

    • Home Base
    • Network Cable
    • Power Supply
    • Installation CD

    In order to run the system, you will need:

    • A wireless router
    • A windows computer

    The Home Base is 'unsupported' on windows 7 and greater. This does not mean that the product does not work with windows 7, just that if you have problems Belkin do not support the product.

    Stage one - setting up your Belkin on the wireless network

    1. Connect your Home Base to your router via the network cable
    2. Plug the Home Base power supply

    Stage two - Insert the installer CD

    Choose 'Set Up Home Base'

    Belkin Home Base Setup Software.png

    Follow the wizzard that appears

    Belkin Home Base setup on wireless.png

    Stage 3 - Install the control center software

    Belkin Home Base install control center.png

    This will then automatically run the software and should find the belkin on you network.

    Stage FourConnect your seneye device to the belkin

    Your seneye should show up on the control center as below - double click on it to connect

    Home Base control center.png

    You seneye is now connected to your computer via the Belkin Home base. If you have any difficulty with the setup, please click on the links below to get further instructions

    • Windows 7 installation can see the seneye, but will not connect
    • The Belkin Home Base drops connection with the seneye