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    The Team

    At seneye we have a team of experts on hand to help you if you encounter any issues with your seneye system.

    Our support team are super stars but they cannot be on hand 24 hours a day...yet. 

    Our office hours are 09:00 - 17:00 (GMT) Mon - Fri so if you wish to be old school and actually speak to a member of the team please call between those hours. Scroll down for our number. 

    They are also in charge of maintaining our Seneye Answer pages. Most answers can be found on these pages, simply search your issue and the appropriate pages should come up. Please only ask questions related to Seneye though, we can you tell you why plants are green but we haven't figured out the meaning of life...yet.


    The procedure

    In order for our team to assist you quickly and effectively we ask the following from you. 


    • Let us know the email address your seneye account is registered to - saves a lot of time.
    • Provide us with a support ID if given one, copy it and send it with your inquiry.
    • Be as specific as possible. You can use pictures, diagrams, interpretive dance, whatever you like but make it clear what the issue is.  
    • Remember we are human beings at the end of the day, who are just trying to help. 


    • Swear at us. It's not nice and it won't get you anywhere any quicker, in fact our team have been told they can refuse support if this occurs in a support conversation.
    • Put your support question in the subject line...we just don't understand why people do this. 
    • Threaten us to try and get free things, we view it as blackmail and will issue a warning then cease communication if it continues. 
    • Demand to talk to our managing director, our support are the most suited people to assist you. You would not expect to speak to Bill Gates if you had an problem with your Microsoft PC.

    If we find a fault after diagnosis the steps are as follows: 

    1. Try to fix it remotely.
      • Our front liners are technically trained but if the issue is complicated it will have to be passed on to one of our even techier tech team. If this happens please be patient, these queries take a little longer to resolve. 
      • We might need to do something really cool and log on to your PC with you via Teamview to do this. 
    2. Try to fix it physically.
      • This involves sending the item back to us for our tech team to take apart and put back together. We will ask you do this if necessary, please don't just send us the items back if you believe something is faulty, our postman gets grumpy if he has to deliver unnecessary parcels. 

    They can be reached via :

    For more info on our returns, repairs and refunds please click the link below: 

    Returns, repairs and refunds