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    We produce phone apps for all the major smart phones brands and OS like the iphone, samsung, HTC and Nokia.

    You can download them and try them but we recommend that you first setup a account so you can log in.

    If you do setup an app before you have device and before its is fully synced you may wish to log out and log back in.

    This will ensure your mobile profile is upto date.


    If you don't have a smart phone or you have one we don't support then try .

    To find out more about the applications look at this link.

    Or use the direct links below to gpo to the store that suits your device:

    Apple iOs




    You can also view the full site from all mobile, ipad and modern tablet devices that support HTML5.

    The Seneye Web Server interface is also compatible with all devices that support HTML5 browser.