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    If you have a seneye product you think is not working correctly for whatever reason, please note the following return policy.


    1. Device Warrenty, is my device faulty?

    If you think your seneye USB device or Seneye Web Server (SWS) is faulty, please send an email via [email protected] explaining exactly what you believe the issue to be; the more detail the better. Please use the email address your account is registered to or for security we can only offer generic advice. 

    The seneye system is unique in that we can do diagnostics remotely a product so please keep your seneye device connected to the seneye cloud where possible. 

    We will then be able to offer further assistance in diagnosing the potential issue and offer further advice about what the next step is. This could be a remote software patch, repair, replacement or refund depending on the scenario. 


    2. Second Hand Product Warranty

    If you have purchased a second hand seneye product, it is no longer under warranty. Therefore, if it is faulty we normally do not offer a free replacement, repair or a refund. We would advise you to contact the seller if they are at fault.


    3. Returning Product. 

    If you have purchased your products from us directly and wish to return them, please contact us first via email.  If you have purchased them elsewhere such as store or online you will need to contact the store you purchased them from directly. However we strongly recommend that you take the time to go through step 1 first; many stores will ask us for a return authorisation before accepting product back.